Website Design & Development

Swamp-Side Studio offers website design services for businesses of all sizes. Design, technology, and marketing combine to create a website focused on your message. We manage website projects so you don’t have to. We define project requirements, establish and maintain a schedule, provide status reports, and ensure that your project fulfills the business objectives on time and on budget.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization delivers traffic to your website by clarifying your message. Designing web pages for targeted search phrases improves your search ranking to bring visitors to your website that are looking for your services. Good SEO is achieved with best practices coding, properly configured WordPress, page speed, keyword research, and thoughtfully-constructed content.

Website Maintenance

Don’t worry about your website. We’ll take care of it for you. You never have to touch your website if you don’t want to. We can add content, and update WordPress software, plugins, and themes. We’ll test your website to see if updates have broken anything. And check that the backup system is functioning. And review extra security measures. Need anything else?


Swamp-Side Studio specializes in WordPress. A custom WordPress theme built specifically for your organization delivers the branding, layout and features your company needs, without compromise. If you have a free or premium WordPress theme, we can customize the theme to fit your corporate branding and make changes to meet your goals.