How Much to Donate to a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress Plugin Donations?

My policy is to donate $5 to each WordPress plugin I use on a website.

Here’s a calculation that makes $5 look about right:

  • Say a plugin has 500,000 downloads
  • If 10% of those that downloaded used it, that would be 50,000
  • If 10% of those that used it donated, that would be 5,000
  • 5,000 donations times $5 is $25,000
  • Not bad for something given away freely

But not that many people donate to plugins, you say? True, but plugins are free and donation is optional. Also, I don’t want to try to make up financially for those that don’t donate.

Five dollars is very little, you say? You’re right, but it’s more than the average iPhone app at $1.99. And probably most people develop plugins for publicity, not direct profit.

We should donate to WordPress plugins because:

  • Website developers gain from being able to easily add sophisticated functionality to WordPress instead of building it from scratch
  • Profit will prevent the plugin developer from abandoning your favorite plugin
  • Most other people don’t donate to WordPress plugins
  • The plugin developer asked

Some thoughtful articles on plugin donations:

What are your thoughts on WordPress plugin donations?