Custom WordPress Themes

A custom WordPress theme built specifically for your organization delivers the branding, layout and features your company needs, without compromise.

Modify Premium WordPress Themes

If you have purchased a WordPress theme, Swamp-Side can customize the theme to fit your corporate branding and make changes to meet your goals.

Maintenance and Support

After your new website is launched, Swamp-Side provides maintenance and support such as training, software updates, new features, traffic and SEO monitoring and tuning.

Swamp-Side Studio Specializes in WordPress

WordPressWordPress is a website content management system (CMS) that allows content owners to update their websites without needing a website programmer.

WordPress Benefits

  • WordPress is user friendly. This ease of use has made it the most popular CMS in use on the internet.
  • Website owners can update their content as often as necessary by adding or deleting pages, revising text, and inserting photos.
  • WordPress is free! It is open source software, which means there is a global community of people developing, using, testing and improving it. Open source also means that WordPress can be customized and extended in any way to meet your business needs.
  • There is a large and active community using the WordPress platform, providing a strong network of online support, and offering many add-on features called “plugins”.

What this means as a Swamp-Side client is that you get the best website content management software at no cost, and after your new website is built you can update the content.