Google Calendar recently added a new “feature” so that every new event is by default a video call. Defaulting to a video call encourages the use of a Google+ Hangout, which is what Google wants.

Of course most calendar events are not video calls, so now for every event you create, you also need to remove the video call or else attendees will think the meeting is a video conference.

Google Calendar Automatically adds Video Calls

In the announcement “New Google Calendar events will now have a Hangout video call link“, Google claims this change will reduce confusion. I think it increases confusion.

Disable Google Calendar Default Video Call

In Google Apps

If you use Google Apps, only the administrator for your organization can change this setting.

1. Open the Google Apps setting for calendars.

Google Apps Settings for Calendar

2. Turn off the automatic video calls option.

Automatically add video calls

In Gmail

If you use Gmail, you can change this setting yourself.

1. In Google Calendar, select Settings.

Google Calendar Settings

2. Turn off the automatic video calls option.

Automatically add video calls

You might need to log out and in to your account for this setting change to take effect.


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7 thoughts on “Google Calendar Automatically Adds Video Calls

  1. I know this is an article from June of 2014, but I just found it today, October 14, 2014. I just wanted to say that I appreciated the quick instructions for turning the automatic video link off in Google Apps! That was annoying and confusing for sure.

    Thanks to the team at Swamp-Side Studio for pointing that out!

  2. I don’t have that option “automatically add video…” This is so annoying. I just want it off of my phone so when I add a new calendar event it doesn’t always link to some video hangouts that I don’t even have. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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